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Máy tẩy cặn tiêu chuẩn nhỏ phù hợp cho các vật rèn từ 15-80mm.

Small standard descaling machine is suitable for hot die forging production line, and the cleaning effect of forgings heated by induction furnace is particularly prominent. The small standard type can remove the oxide scale on the surface of round steel and billet forgings with diameter of 15-80mm. The equipment is equipped with a cover, which has a better appearance and can be used with the forging robot. At present, many domestic auto parts forging manufacturers producing door hinges, gears, steering knuckles, ball cages, wheel hubs, as well as hardware tool forging manufacturers such as open-ended wrenches and adjustable wrenches are using our equipment. At present, the user feedback is good and has been put into use with chinese well-known press machine and CNC hydraulic hammer. In addition to the peeling machine, it is the most effective method to clean the forging surface so far.

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